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Latest Wedding Musical Phere & Vedic Musical Pheras / Fera Artists Group Here...

Latest Musical Phere Pandit & Singers Group / Latest Sangeetmay Vedic Vivah Musical Fera Vidhi

Latest Musical Phere Concept/ Musical Wedding Vedic Pheras is Started Many Years Ago and Now it is Trending Concept in Indian Royal Destination Wedding OR Big Fat Weddings Mostly in these Days

We Do These Events Like Vaidik Phera or Musical Phere/Vivah Fera, Jain Musical Phere,  Shaadi Mayraa Occasion, Wedding Mehendi Occasion, Kumkum Tilak Occasion, Bhaat Occasion, Wedding Reception Occasion, God Bharai Occasion in a Musical Way of it with all ancient rituals.

म्यूजिकल फेरे प्रक्रिया – विनोद पंडित जी की अनोखी विवाह (म्यूजिकल फेरे ) प्रक्रिया में श्रोता दूल्हा दुल्हन और मेहमानों के साथ फेरो, वचनों को समझ कर पुरे वैदिक विवाह संस्कार विधि का भरपूर आनंद लेते है और हिन्दू / जैन विवाह पद्दति के सार को समझते है , जिस से आने वाला वैवाहिक जीवन उनके लिए सार्थक साबित होता है , आइये इस कार्यक्रम से जुड़े || Vinod Pandit Ji Musical Phere concept includes such a special way of performing marriage rituals that not only amuses the guests but let everyone understand the essence of Vedic Hindu / jain wedding rituals ,resulting in a good future of bride & groom’s wedding life. Let us join this beautiful concept.

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Frequently Asked Question For Musical Pheras in Wedding/Marriage Functions

What is Musical Pheras OR Musical Phere OR Muscial Fera ?

ANS. Musical Pheras known as Indian Marriage Rituals in a Different Way With the taste of Music, Rhyms, Explanations, Vachans, Feras Meaning By a Professional Team of Pandit ji and Musicians.

How much time taken in Musical Pheras Program ?

ANS. In this program team take 2-3 hours to complete. 

How much time taken in Musical Pheras Program ?

ANS. In this program Phere Team takes 2-3 hours to complete the rituals. 

What are the Charges of Musical Pheras Program in India?

ANS. The Charges or pricing depends on the city, venue and other details. so in case you can need to contact us.

Do we need to book pandit ji for musical pheras ?

ANS. No. You do not need to book pandit ji. in our team there are pandit ji for all the rituals. for other programs of wedding apart from Phere, you need to hire pandit ji.

Does you team offer musical pheras for Jain Family / Hindu Family / Marwadi Family ?

ANS. Yes We do Jain musical Phere for Jain Vidhi and Hindu Sanatan Vidhi Musical Pheras as well. So no need of worry at all. 

How do you manage musical pheras team traveling plan ?

ANS. We will share required details within 7 days of event.

How many members are in Wedding Musical Pheras Team ?

ANS. The team consists of 4-6 people Generally. Further we can customize it as per request. 

What kind arrangements We have to make for Wedding Musical Pheras From Our End ?

ANS. You Need to take care of Pickup drop, Stay, F&B, Sound, Pujan Samagri Only,  Rest We will carry. and Detailed List We will share after booking. 

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Disclaimer :- राघव पंडित जी म्यूजिकल फेरे ( कोलकाता वैजयन्त परिवार वाले ) की बुकिंग के लिए हमारे से समपर्क न करें | [ Please Do not Contact us for Booking of Raghav Pandit Ji Musical Phere Kolkata wale (Vaijayant Pariwar ).

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