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Kathak Dance

What is Kathak Dance?

Kathak Dancers Jaipur,Dancer organizer JaipurKathak is among the six major classical dances of India and one of the most dynamic theater arts in the world. The word Kathak is derived from katha, meaning “the art of storytelling.” It is also synonymous with the community of artists known as Kathakas whose hereditary profession it was to narrate history while entertaining.

With dance, music and mime these storytellers of ancient India would bring to life the great scriptures and epic so ancient times, especially the great Indian epics – the Mahabharata and the Ramayana – and the Puranas of Sanskrit literature.This Is Just a Brief description.

Today Kathak has evolved into a concert hall art form imbibing both Hindu and the Muslim influences from its history. Scintillating rhythms, dramatic moves, spectacular turns and subtle expression mark this ancient and yet ever evolving dance form that embodies beauty and soul.

As a Event Company We organize many concerts and plays regarding this art. Its also Our duty to save this indian art for our childrens.


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