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Kalbelia Dance of Rajasthan – Rajasthani Kalbelia Dance Group ( कलबेलिया डांस नृत्य - राजस्थानी लोक नृत्य )

कालबेलिया नृत्य : सपेरा जाति का यह एक प्रसिद्ध नृत्य है। इस नृत्य में शरीर की लोच और लय, ताल पर गति का मंत्रमुग्ध कर देने वाला संगम देखने को मिलता है। अधिकतर इसमें दो बालाएं अथवा महिलाएं बड़े घेरे वाला घाघरा और घुघरूं पहनकर नृत्य प्रस्तुति देती है। नृत्यांगना काले रंग की कशीदाकारी की नई पोशाक पहनती है, जिस पर कांच, मोती, कोड़ियाँ, कपड़े की रंगीन झालर आदि लगे होते हैं। नृत्य में पुरूषों द्वारा पूंगी और चंग बजाई जाती है। दूसरी महिलाएं गीत गाकर संगत देती है। मारवाड़ अंचल में यह नृत्य काफी लोकप्रिय है। ‘गुलाबो सपेरा’ इस नृत्य की विश्व प्रसिद्ध नृत्यांगना है। कालबेलिया नृत्य को 2010 में यूनेस्को द्वारा अमूर्त विरासत सूची में शामिल किया गया।

The Kalbeliyas, is a snake-charmer community from Rajasthan, which performs the Kalbeliya. They rely heavily on this dance performance for their living. The Kalbeliya women dancers wear long, black coloured, drindled-skirts heavily worked with embroidery and light-coloured thread along with small pieces of mirrors. This costume draws the attention in a somewhat strange way.

The dance is usually performed by a group of two women standing in the center of the stage. After this pair, another pair of women come & dances in the same way. As the women dancers move in a circle, while dancing, their body sway acrobatically, leaving an impression that they are made up of some flexible material like rubber. The beat of the dance increases in tempo and also there is an increase in their pace of the dance. This dance performance leaves viewer as exhausted as the dancer. The overall performance consists of many fearful actions performed by dancers. The performance relies heavily to the music of `been` and `duff`. The actual fun of their performance can be enjoyed at the gatherings somewhere around the festival of Holi.

The dancers are required to constantly decrease the tempo of their gyrations and move to the corners to catch their breath while two other dancers would spin around to take their places in the center. The specialty of this dance is that the dancers perform it in a beautiful synchronized rhythm that for a moment the audience feels they are the same dancers that continue throughout the performance.

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A Glimpse of Our Recent Shows of Kalbelia Dance (राजस्थानी कलबेलिया डांस (नृत्य) , राजस्थानी लोक नृत्य)

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Frequently Asked Question For Kalbelias & Kalbelia Dance Group in Wedding/Marriage Functions.

Who are Kalbeliyas or Saperas?

ANS. Kalbeliyas are also known as saperas from gypsy caste, who perform snake dance. Explanation: It is basically a dance form performed by the tribe of Kalbeliyas which is very sensuous, including both men and women. They belong to the northwest of Rajasthan famous for performing snake dance.

What are snakes for Kalbeliyas?

ANS. Traditionally Kalbeliya men carried cobras in cane baskets from door to door in villages while their women sang and danced for alms. They revere cobras and advocate non-killing of the reptiles.

Who called Saperas?

ANS. Sapera is a name given to the snake charmers of India. Since the introduction of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 the Sapera’s numbers have been dwindling – what was in the thousands is now limited to only a few hundred. That’s Sad

Which dance has movement similar to the dance of snake?

ANS.One of the most well known aspects of the Kalbelia tribe is their expertise as snake charmers and snake catchers. This connection to snakes can be seen in the Kalbelia dance as the costume, as well as the dance movements, resemble the movements made by serpents.

How many dancers will be in Kalbelia Dance group ?

ANS. The Kalbelia dance performance starts with minimum four Kalbelia Dancers and further We can increase as per our requirement.

What are the charges of kalbelia dance group tp perform in wedding or any function ?

ANS. AMG’s Kalbelia group starts with 15000-60000 INR. rest it also depends on date, venue, city. 

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