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Fire Eater Shows – Mouth Fire Dance Of Rajasthan

Alankar Musical Folk Artists Group Rajasthan

At Alakar Musical Group, We provide exceptional light shows.

We provide an outstanding unique light-show with professional dancers. They give the theme of the Fire show their specialist because of their longtime move – and dance-experience. Synchronous and astonishing movements and choreographs give the creatures of the Fire show their unique and diversified characters.

Fire Eater & Dance – 2 and up to 10 fire artists will show you and your guests a hot show with a lot of fire. We keep an eye particularly on a smooth flow, stage-presence and interior -and exterior- safety precautions. The professional appearance of the fire artist and their dance knowledge makes our Fire dance fire show different, special and an unforgettable event for you.

The Fire dance show differs from our stage and outdoor fire shows in its flexibility. The fire artists takes special requests of the client and realizes them. You can adjust the number of fire artists, in accordance to your budget and we provide an excellent fire show for your event.

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