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Rajasthani Langa Party – Langa and Manganiar Group Booking | Rajasthani Langha Manganiar Seduction Concept (लंगा पार्टी)

The Manganiars and Langas consider themselves descendants of the Rajputs and are renowned as highly skilled folk musicians of the Thar desert. Their songs are passed on from generation to generation as a form of oral history of the desert. They sing songs about Alexander the Great, about the local Maharajas and past battles in the region. Manganiars have survived for centuries on the patronage of wealthy merchants in caravan towns, particularly Jaisalmer where there is an important settled community today. The traditional jajman (patrons) of the Manganiar are the locally dominant Rajput community, while the Langha have a similar relationship with the Sindhi-Sipahi, a community of Muslim Rajputs. At times of birth, marriage or any family festivity for their Rajput patrons, the Manganiyar musicians are in attendance to evoke the right mood with songs of the desert and many specially composed songs to praise the patron and his family.

Basic  Langa & Manganiar Music Instruments : Kamaicha, Khartaal, Dholak, Sarangi, Ravanhatha, Bhapang, Morchang, Etc.

Famous Artists : Bundu Khan, Mame Khan, Ghazi Khan, Chugge Khan, Kutle Khan, Dapu Khan Merasi, the Voice of the Jaisalmer Fort, Pempo Khan and Group, Pokhran Music Group, Kheta Khan and Group, Jaisalmer Boys Group, Rais Khan and Group, Shankar Khan and Group, Jalal Khan and Group, Sabir Khan and Group, Edhe Khan and Group, Pepe Khan and Group, Mushtaq Khan and Group, The Roots Music Group, Chhote Khan and Group, Amrat Khan and Group, Sawai Khan and Group, Chauthe Khan and Group, Pappu Khan and Group, Samadhe Khan and Group, Babu Khan and Party, Sidhar Music Group, Dev Ram and Group, Etc.

Popular Langa Songs : Nimbuda Nimbuda, Aave Hichki, Aage Aage Kotal Ghudlo, Munkhey Takht Chadayo Heer, Saawan, Kesariya Balam, Ghoomer, Oh Ladli Looma Jhuma, Padharo Marre Desh, Gorband Nakhralo, Loomba Re Loomba, Helo Suno Ji Rama Pir, Holiya Mein Ude Re Gulal, Arrara Kalyo, Instrumental, Jodira Chora, Aage Aage Kotal Ghodlo, Nimbuda, Deego Tharo Dagariyo, Aaja Mhara Balma, Punlo, Diwana Banna, Mumal Chale to le Chalu, Banna Ri Laal Pilli Ankhiya, Manwar ro pyalo sa, Banjaria, Holiya, Ital Pital Ro Bhar Lai Bevdo, Taniya Resham Ki, Dharti Dhora Ri, Jija Tu Kala, Meim Gori Ghani, Mor Bole Re, Chirmi, Kesariya Balam ( Welcome Song), Pallo latke gori ko, Mharo Gorband Nakhralo, Nimbooda Nimbooda, Chhaap Tilak Sab Chhini, Duma Dum Mast Kalander, Chirmi ra dala Char, Banna Re Baga Me Jhula, Gordi Kar Solah Singar, Baisara Beera Jaipur Jaay Jo Ji, Udiyo Re Udiyo Dodo Jay Re, Madula la di jo sa, Chaudhary Song, Talariya Magariya, Mehndi Rachan Lagi, Aave Hichki Song ETC.

At Alankar Musical Group We have complete Langa and Langa & Manganiar artist party under one roof and we have performed many Langa and Manganiyar Music Shows Like Langa & Manganiar Seduction Concept Across the Rajasthan, India and Globally.

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A Glimpse of Our Recent Shows of Rajasthani Langa Party and Musical Tribal Dance (राजस्थानी लंगा पार्टी & डांस (नृत्य) , राजस्थानी लोक नृत्य)

Rajasthani Langa Party @ RajVilas Palace Jaipur
Rajasthani Langa Party @ MARRY GOLD MARRIAGE RESORT, DURG (Raipur)
Rajasthani Langa Party @ Rambagh Palace Jaipur
AMG Video Gallery For More Videos to Watch...
Rajasthani Langa Big Group @ Jaipur
Langa Manganiyar Seduction Concept @ Raj Vilas Hotel, Jaipur

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Bundu Khan langa Party @ JKK, Jaipur
Rajasthani Langa Party @ Live Show

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