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Vinod Pandit Ji Wedding Musical Pheras Concept/ Musical Wedding Program Many Years Ago and Now it is Trending Concept in Indian Royal Destination Wedding / Big Fat Weddings Mostly.

To ensure that Wedding Pheras is not boring to, we perform Musical Phera at weddings, to make the event more interesting without missing the ancient mantras or Vedic wedding rituals (Riti). The fusion of music with traditional Wedding Phera makes the wedding interesting than expected. The Vedas and the Hymns of traditional Hindu marriage will be performed with music by experienced musicians. Our expertise in Musical Wedding Phere has been a great addition in many destination wedding events in and around the indian states and cities. With the astounding knowledge in musical Phera and knowing the importance of performing the wedding rituals of India, our Musical Phera group brings the rituals lively in the auspicious wedding event with their meanings in life.

We consider this as a great privilege to be a part of the wedding, making the event true to what is told in the ancient Vedas / Purans. We have Started The Journey Of Most Viral Musical Phere Concept/Theme Many Years Ago. Now a Days It goes viral on Social Media. and Now it is Trending Concept in Indian Royal Wedding/Big Fat Weddings Mostly.

विनोद पंडित जी की अनोखी विवाह (म्यूजिकल फेरे ) प्रक्रिया में श्रोता दूल्हा दुल्हन और मेहमानों के साथ फेरो, वचनों को समझ कर पुरे वैदिक विवाह संस्कार विधि का भरपूर आनंद लेते है और हिन्दू / जैन विवाह पद्दति के सार को समझते है , जिस से आने वाला वैवाहिक जीवन उनके लिए सार्थक साबित होता है , आइये इस कार्यक्रम से जुड़े ||

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Disclaimer :- राघव पंडित म्यूजिकल फेरे ( कोलकाता वैजयन्त परिवार वाले ) की बुकिंग के लिए हमारे से समपर्क न करें | [ Please Do not Contact us for Booking of Raghav Pandit Musical Phere Kolkata wale (Vaijayant Pariwar ).

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