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रामायन कथा की प्रस्तुति कठपुतली द्वारा : Ballet Ramayana ``A Puppet Dance Drama`` - Ramayan Story By Human Puppets - Live Human Marionettes Puppets Ramayana Show

This composition with over 600 shows held in India and 35 foreign countries, combined features of the ballet and puppet show. It presents the Ramayana in the manner of the Rajasthani puppet show.

The skillful movements of the artistes performing as puppets, wearing traditional costumes, earns the people’s applause. They present the birth of the Rama Janam to the astounding victory over his over Ravana in Lanka. Actors with masks adhered to perfect trimmings, nimble foot work and dancing spells.

The form is equally ancient. With fantastic masks and lightning costume changes, eighteen actors turned themselves into human puppets to retell the Ramayana. For nearly two hours each performer played multiple roles — human, divine, demon and animal — maintaining the illusion of life-sized, string-pulled marionettes.

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A Glimpse of Recent Shows By Ballet Ramayana Puppet Show @ Jaipur (Video Gallery)

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