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Musical Mayra Singer - Musical Bhat Live Singer Group - Live Wedding Bhat/Mayra Singer - Marriage Mayra Event - Musical Haldi Haath / Mehndi Program Singer

We have a beautiful tradition of helping relatives on the occasion of marriage. As soon as the date of wedding is fixed, the mother and father of the girl go to the maternal uncle of the girl and invite her to attend the marriage. In this invitation, the sister usually takes a bowl of jaggery for her brother. The brother accepts this offering and as a form of fraternal religion, reaches Bahna’s place with rice before marriage.

Special types of songs are sung on the occasion of marriage to clarify this harmonious relationship of family relationships. These songs are called ‘bhaat’ or ‘geet of mayra’. Here are some examples of similar sweet songs sung by the bride and groom at the time of marriage. The intense and touching expression of the unbreakable affectionate relationship between brother and sister is seen in these songs-

Rajasthani Marwadi Songs For Mayra / Bhaat / Haldi / Mehndi / Telbaan / Teez / Gangaur Program Functions…

Bhat Nyutan Aayi / Bhat Nyutan Ghar Birosa / Beera Re Chunri Ranga De Re / Aaj Sunhalo Suraj Ugiyo / Ganga Ke Dhore Beera / Aayo Nyuto Bai Ko / भातियाँ आए बैठे हैं आँगन में / सुन भैया रघुवीर भात सवेरे लाइयो / 

Other Rajasthani Songs For Wedding Rituals and Programs… are like Byai Ji Wali Ya To Ghani Mastani – ब्याई जी वाली या तो घणी मस्तान, Mhari Ghoomar Che Nakhrali – म्हारी घूमर छे नखराली, Pilo To Odh Pomcho Odhyo – पिलो तो ओढ़ पोमचो ओढ़यो, Chalo Dekhan Ne Baisa Tharo Beero Nache Re – चालो देखण ने बाईसा थारो बीरो नाचे रे, Lehariyo To Ledyo Gori Ra SaybaSahiba – लहरियो तो लायदो गोरी रा सायबा जी, Chaal Chanda Dagaliye Percचाल चंदा डागलिये पे, झीणी झीणी चांदनी, Ganesh ji Mangal Geet – Marwadi/ Hindi, Banro marwadi Geet – बनरो, Mishri Ko Bagh Lagade Rasiya – मिश्री को बाग़, Kajaliyo – काजलियो, Payal Gheri Baaje –पायल गेहरी रे बाजती, Bhaat Nyutan Aayi – भात न्यूतन आयी, Ganga Ke Dhore Beera – गंगा के धोरा बीरा, Aaj Sunhalo Suraj Ugiyo – आज सुनहलो सूरज उगियो, Meri Vinti Suno Bhaiya – मेरी विनती सुनो भैया, Kathe Su Aayi Sunthh – कठै सु आवै हींग, कठै से आवै जीरा, Savadhan Rahijho, Leheriyo, Ghudilo, Rumaal, Banasa Badi O Veli, Char Char Churla Barmer Folkloric Wedding Songs etc.

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Mayra Bhat Singer Photos, Marwadi Haldi Mehndi Singer Pictures Gallery

A Glimpse of Our Recent Shows of Musical Haldi, Mayra, Bhat, Mehndi Program Singer ( राजस्थानी भात मायरा प्रोग्राम राजस्थानी सिंगर के साथ )

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Haldi Mehndi Function Singer @ Jaipur Wedding
Mayra/Bhat Function With Shekhawati Chang Dhamal Party @ Farimont Hotel, Jaipur
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Marwadi bhaat function program, Musical Mayra bhaat function program Ideas
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Haldi Mahendi Singer @ Wedding Jaipur
Musical Mayra Bhat Singer @ Jaipur Wedding Event

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