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Rajasthani Folk Singer / Rajasthani Singer / Rajasthani Female Singer / Marwadi Singers – Book Now

Rajasthani Singer Group of 4-6 Artists For Musical Night / Bhat Function / Mehendi Program / Haldi Program / Wedding Night / Private Party / Bollywood Nights / God Bharai / Marwari Wedding / Rajasthani Lokgeet Function / Rajasthani Fair Mela Carnival Event. Book Now.

Rajasthani Folk Singer / Rajasthani Female Singer Pictures Gallery

A Glimpse of Our Recent Shows By Rajasthani Folk Singer & Rajasthani Female Singer

Rajasthani Folk Singers @ The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur
Rajasthani Folk Singer @ Army Event
Rajasthani Female Singer @ Mayra Event
AMG Video Gallery For More Videos to Watch...
Rajasthani Folk Music Singer group
Rajasthani Female Singer @ Haldi Mehndi Event
Rajasthani Female Singer @ Marwadi Event

Looking For Exclusive Rajasthani Male or Female Singer ?

If you want a Exclusive Rajasthani Singer OR Rajasthani Female Folk Singer in Event ? Contact Us Today
1st Time Rajasthani Marwadi Female Singer For Mayra Function @ Landmark Hotel, Kanpur
Rajasthani Folk Singer @ Haldi Mehndi Program Jaipur

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Take a look at the Alankar's Musical Group, Cultural Shows Variety offered by us:

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