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We perform following types of Songs (Marwadi Geets) for Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi ki Raat Ocassion.
Ganesh Vandana, Gajanan ji ke geet, Mangal Geet, Vinayak geet, Bindayak Ke geet, Sevra Phere ke geet, Banna – Banni ke geet, Tel – Baan Ke Geet, Marwadi Folk Songs (Geet), Raat Jaga (Traditonal Sangeet with dholki), Rajasthani Folk Songs, Bhaat ke geet, Sehre ke geet, Suhag ke Geet, Ghori ke geet, Marwari Songs, Lagan Ke Geet, Haldi ke Geet, Old and New Films Tarz ke Geet (songs), Bann ke Geet, Lagan ke Geet, Chak Pujan Ke Geet, Banna Banni Songs, Baarat Ke geet, Peravani ke geet, Bandoro ke geet, Ghodi geet, badhai geet etc.

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A Glimpse of Our Recent Programs of Traditional Ladies Singer With Dholki For Lagan, Bann, Haldi, Mayra, Bhat, Mehndi Program.

Looking For Customized Marwadi Traditional Singer with Dholki For Mayra / Bhat / Haldi / Mehndi Functions ?

If you want a customized  For Mayra / Bhat / Haldi / Mehndi Functions or any other Traditional Singer for your Event ? Contact Us Today

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Take a look at the Alankar's Musical Group, Cultural Shows Variety offered by us:

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Fill in your details, we’ll get back to you in no time.